COREL IBERICA COMPONENTES, S.L, limited liability company, was founded in 1992 with a clear vocation of service and customer service inside the electronics world.  Our main customers are not only tiny and medium enterprises which produce electronics products, but also international brokers specialized in the research of electronic material for their final customers. We also offer an important service and support to all kind of enterprise and technicians dedicated to the equipment repair and electronic plates.
Our principal products are all sort of electronic material, being specialized in integrated circuits, semiconductors, diodes, transistors, relays, power modules, radio frequency components (RF),etc.
All of our material comes directly from manufacturers and is ready for its immediate use. We have modern components which achieve the European normative (ROHS), and also some out-dated material. In addition, we count with specific military material and devices used in civil, aeronautic and naval industry.
We can locate in any part of the world the electronic component which is needed, due to our international database, in less than a week and with accessible prices.
Nowadays, in our installations located in Madrid (Spain), we have our own stock based in sixty million pieces distributed in 45.000 different references.

In 2008, of the most important Japanese electronics industry (MAC8) gave us the representation of its products in Spain and Portugal.
Mac8 is leader in hardware production for PCB’s, being specialized in connectors, test pins, jumpers and pins de zocalos production.
Mac8 portfolio contains more than 10000 references in stock, being the 99% of their products lead free, that means ROHS normative is achieved. The products are sailed with one year of guarantee.
It’s remarkable that some of their customers are the most important business in a global level, being leaders in this industry, such as Nec, Cannon, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Sony, Panasonic, Hitachi, Sharp, Ricoh, Toyota, Denso, Yokogawa, Anritsu, etc.
The turnaround time of these back orders is 3-4 days, since the manufacturer to the final customer. If the required reference wasn’t available in the stock, the turnaround time is 3-4 weeks.
In our research MAC8 references are also indicated, writing the whole reference and clik in research.

For a bigger convenience, in “download section”, MAC8’s inventory can be downloaded in excel and access format. However, we also sent to you by email if you require.


Following, the possibility of research any piece or reference is eased through the search.

In this section you can write directly the reference or part number of the piece you are looking for, or make a research by formats: DIP, BGA, DIODE, CAPACITOR, etc, or manufacturers: Texas, Motorola, National, Analog Devices…


*We are having technical problems with the search engine, while they are being solved, please download the excel file that contains the same information.

For a bigger convenience, in “download section”, all of our inventory can be downloaded in excel and access format. It can also be sent by email if it is required.


In this section, our customers can download in a quick and easy way our uploaded inventory weekly in excel format.

*  logo corel azul STOCK PROPERTY COREL IBERICA COMPONENTES (+45.000 references)

*  mac8

It may take about one or two minutes because of the big volume of data, depending on the characteristics of the computer.
If you had any problem or you didn’t find the reference, do not hesitate in asking to send you the inventory by email.


If not to find the sought reference, please contact us to ask how much every assistance in finding parts, highly qualified staff will be happy to assist.